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B2B Social Media Marketing – The Do’s and Don’ts for 2024

One of the most popular and effective types of online marketing is social network marketing. Not only is this technique cost effective, similar to SEO/SEM it has the ability to reach customers on the global scale. Let’s now go over some of the major platforms and some tips for being successful.

Facebook is perhaps the best known social media site, and with 3+ billion users it’s the most widely used. Social network marketing through Facebook is done by creating an initial business page with company information and any other relevant details. From there, a business will typically re-post content from its primary website along with other industry information that its target audience will find useful. Many businesses also like to interact with their community and do so by posting questions to spark discussions, responding to comments and giving surveys. To gain exposure, it’s also important for a company to network with relevant businesses and customers which should help establish a following over time. Ask a Fractional CMO from GKME for more details about B2B Social Media Marketing on Facebook.

Another social network marketing powerhouse is X (formerly Twitter.) While it doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, millions of people use it every day which makes it perfect for raising brand awareness. To promote a business through Twitter, it’s much the same as Facebook and involves creating a profile and posting content. Unlike Facebook, each post is limited to 140 characters or less which condenses information. The goal is to create a following and bring attention to a business by posting quality content and networking with other popular businesses within a company’s niche.

Pinterest is a somewhat newer social media site, but has seen a significant growth in popularity since its conception. Basically, Pinterest allows businesses to create boards where they pin different images of products or other content. Due to this site’s clean aesthetic and emphasis on images, it’s an effective way to quickly grab peoples’ attention. The best part is that users can easily click on a pin and get redirected to a company’s website. For this reason, Pinterest can bring in highly targeted traffic which often leads to a high conversion rate. While this site primarily caters to a female demographic, it’s likely to have a more broad appeal in years to come.

For businesses who want to integrate videos into their B2B social network marketing campaign, YouTube is the perfect resource. To create a buzz on YouTube, a business will create a channel where they can place the videos they create. Typically, this might include videos that showcase how a product or service works or general industry information that a particular audience will find helpful. Videos are beneficial because they allow customers to connect with a company on a more personal level which tends to help build rapport. Along with this, a business can “like” other videos that its audience may find useful. Much like the other websites, being successful on YouTube relies on creating a community through consistent posting, providing great content and interacting with relevant users. Due to the sheer popularity of YouTube, it makes it a legitimate social network marketing opportunity.


Combining B2B Social Media Marketing with Search Engine Authority

Outside of keyword content, one of the biggest factors in determining the rank of your website is how popular it is. Up until recently, Google based this on the number of backlinks to your site from other sites. However, many people began abusing this system, which led to the development of link farms that existed only to improve backlink numbers to websites but did not contain any content. After a recent Google algorithm update, backlinks from link farms can actually count against your website.

Along with this change, Google has also made social media activity a large part of how it ranks websites. This is excellent news for small businesses because it is much easier to develop positive social media feedback than to build large backlink numbers. Everything from sharing your website, to posting positive comments about your website to “Liking” your website counts towards your Internet popularity metric. Therefore, effective small business SEO plans should involve incorporating social media into your site and developing a social networking presence for your business. It’s also a good idea to check with your SEM consultant about running paid ads across exclusive social networking pay per click platforms.


Paid B2B Social Media Marketing Management

Pay-per-click ads can be an excellent way to generate targeted traffic on social media to your website that increases your conversion rates, but without social media advertising management, you could be wasting your advertising budget. Running Paid B2B Social Media Marketing campaigns requires research, testing and ongoing monitoring to ensure their success. While there is a large amount of time that goes into developing a successful Paid B2B Social Media Marketing campaign, they can provide a huge return on investment and nearly instant results. This is why choosing the right SEM consultant is critical.


Matching Keywords to B2B Social Media Marketing Ads

One of the key components of social media advertising management is ensuring that you are choosing the right keywords to match to your ads. Your Paid B2B Social Media Marketing ads show up when people search for particular terms or phrases in search engines. If you choose keywords that are too broad or not specifically related to your business and website, you could end up driving traffic to your web page that does nothing for your conversion rate. People who are searching for “automobiles” could be looking for just about anything; however, people searching for “used automobiles in California” are searching for something specific. These are the types of keyword combinations that need to be attached to your ads to achieve successful B2B PPC Management.


Create Targeted Landing Pages

Another critical part of social media ad management is not simply having your ads direct people to your main website. If people do not see exactly what they are looking for within a few seconds, they are likely to leave your site. This is why landing pages are so important. These pages are specifically designed to address the keyword search that people used to produce your ad, and they also have aggressive calls to action that improve your conversion rate. Similar to SEO, you should have several landing pages that match different ad campaigns that you are running using a variety of B2B Marketing Tactics for the best results.


Test Your B2B Social Media Marketing Results

One of the best ways that Paid B2B Social Media Marketing management can ensure the success of your campaigns is by testing different keyword combinations, ad text and landing pages. Since you pay for every click-through that your ads receive, you want to be sure that your ads are going to provide a conversion rate that will make them worth the expense. Before you fully launch an ad campaign, you should put limits on the number of click-throughs your ads can receive per day. If your ads drive people to your site but do not increase your conversion rate, this can prevent you from spending a fortune to send empty traffic to your site.


Monitor Your B2B Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The Internet is changing constantly, and so are people’s search patterns. Therefore, you cannot assume that an ad that was successful three months ago is still doing well today. You should review the regular reports your GKME Internet marketing consultant sends on all of your campaigns to ensure that they are continuing to drive traffic and earning money with that traffic. If you do not do so, you could be wasting your advertising budget on a campaign that is no longer beneficial to you. Successful Paid B2B Social Media Marketing management systems will require you to review your campaigns once a month or more.

While pay per click management firms do not get as much attention as a B2B search engine optimization agency, it is an incredibly effective method of Internet marketing when it is done right. The problem that most people have with Paid B2B Social Media Marketing advertising is that they do not know how to use it correctly, and when that occurs it simply wastes money. This is why companies that are interested in targeted online advertising should look into using a b2b social media marketing agency to help them set up and run their Paid B2B Social Media Marketing ad campaigns.

The reason that b2b performance marketing companies are so important is because they can help businesses understand how social media advertising works so that they can get the most out of their ads. Many companies that do not use a b2b marketing agency find that Paid B2B Social Media Marketing ads are expensive and provide little return on investment. However, this is almost always because companies fail to do keyword research and test their ads before launching them. B2B social media consultants understand that the goal of these campaigns is not simply to get visitors to a website, it is to get visitors who are likely to improve conversion rates and sales to a website.

Paid B2B Social Media Marketing ads have mostly replaced ads that were impression based. When banner ads first showed up on the Internet, webmasters were paid for the number times the banner was displayed on their site, whether or not anyone clicked on it. This method was generally inexpensive, but it was very generic and produced haphazard results. On the other hand, social ads are only paid for when someone clicks on and ad and goes to a target website. This means that advertising dollars are being used only when someone actually follows an ad, and it also means that it is very important that specific people are clicking on these ads.

This is why using a B2B Social Media Marketing consultant is so important. If a company is not doing the required research for its social media marketing, they could end up spending enormous amounts of money to drive random traffic to its website. However, when social media ads are matched with the right keywords and landing pages, they can drive extremely specific visitors to a website, increasing the likelihood of sales and improving conversion rates.

Another reason that enterprise pay-per-click consultants are vital is because they can help companies set up landing pages that match the B2B Social Media Marketing ads. Since people who click on ads are generally expecting very specific information, it is usually best to send visitors to a landing page instead of the main page of a website. The right landing page can do wonders for getting visitors to perform a particular action, but they need to be set up correctly to do so.


Paid B2B Social Media Marketing ads have the ability to provide companies with the exact type of visitors that they are looking for without having to wait for SEO practices to take effect. For more information about how to use B2B Social Media Marketing ads the right way, submit your online request for a FREE B2B Social Media Marketing Consultation, or call.


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