Does Your Company Need to
Hire a B2B Marketing Agency

    When results driven B2B lead generation is not just a good idea, it is a make or break requirement to grow your business, you need to hire an experienced B2B performance marketing agency that will guarantee results. A strong marketing ecosystem is essential for any business owner who needs to maintain a constant and predictable pipeline growth. We mange the marketing minutia so you can focus on what matters most.

B2B Marketing Agency Services

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CMO as a Service for B2B

If your business is relatively new, you might reach a point where your revenue is plateauing and you’re not attracting new clients. In this case, a part-time CMO can assist you in breaking through this barrier and gaining new clients. To grow their consumer base and boost Life Time Value, businesses need to market.

Understanding what consumers adore or feel is lacking from your product can be aided by a fractional CMO. Fractional COs are employed to support the short- and long-term growth of your company. We establish and oversee your marketing team as well as the campaign’s positioning, messaging, and segmentation.  As your fractional CMO, it is our duty to promptly resolve problems as they emerge. The greatest asset for your company may be hiring the appropriate external CMO.

Since most small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time CMO, we provide outsourced CMOs as a service that you can hire on an as-needed basis to help upscale your marketing. Our seasoned CMOs are known for their 10x results and are well-versed in performance marketing. Even if you have an internal CMO, a fractional CMO can be the ideal stopgap measure in case something unforeseen occurs and you’re left without one.

At GKME we provide a full range of B2B Marketing Consulting services. We hold the know-how along with working experience to ensure your sales message reaches your potential clients in a very meaningful and also compelling manner, wherever they may live. We combine time proven Internet marketing standards by using traditional disciplines and proprietary technologies to design and style a result driven online marketing campaign to suit your needs. Think of us as Madison Avenue for small business proprietors, at a fraction of the cost.


B2B PPC management Agency Services

PPC management is our specialty! We have implemented pay per click campaigns starting with nothing more than a blank spreadsheet and our expertise that turn into multimillion dollar annually spends. That only happens because our clients are earning profits on every dollar spent!

Paid Search advertisements are the crown jewel of most successful online marketing campaigns. For those of you who may not be familiar, paid search ads are the ones appearing at the very top and to the immediate right of the SERPs (search engine results page.) Sometimes highlighted and often clicked first, these ads are strategically placed in the SERPs to maximize click through and are sold auction style to advertisers based on product or service relevancy.

The results from paid search are fast, reaching potential customer happens the same day your campaigns go live. We use our proprietary software and methodology to quickly establish a baseline for your online success, which begins the moment your campaign is activated and custom-tailored to your business model based on the unique data we collect.

Advertising in paid search is hugely rewarding when done correctly and costly when not! More importantly than knowing the “ins and outs” of all of the major paid search platforms, knowing how to outshine your competitions advertisements and continually adjusting your campaigns for optimal success is where our expertise will be practically invaluable to your success.

Why do you need professional assistance with PPC management?

– Good PPC management will be reward your business daily by instantly reaching your target customers and through our analytics we will quickly discover areas previously untapped.

– Bad PPC management can quickly frustrate your efforts with little to NO results.

– Ugly PPC management can get your site banned permanently and/or waste every penny of your ad budget on hollow useless clicks by people outside of your customer demographics.

There is a lot of production and fine-tuning that goes into establishing and maintaining a solid presence in paid search results. We not only discover which keywords will work best for your business before the first click is acquired, we will write your ads, customize your landing pages, and monitor and optimize your campaigns daily to maximize your success!

At GKME Marketing and Consulting we take the guess work out of pay per click advertising and build a comprehensive PPC marketing strategy that will reach your target customer when they are actively searching for your product or service.


B2B Lead Generation Using Email and Cold Out Reach

B2B Email marketing is the workhorse in the field of online marketing. Over the years email has proven to be an effective tool and has become the preferred method of business communication in our day. Almost half of American internet users check and send email on a normal day. Most people are so “wired-in” these days that they instantly know when an email is received and, well let’s face it; email usually takes priority over most face to face conversations.

Integrating email marketing into your overall internet marketing strategy can be a very daunting task to the uninitiated. Email marketing can be used as a standalone direct marketing tool or as a strategically integrated part of the overall sales process. Email marketing is a powerful and multifaceted tool. The first step when considering email marketing is to determine how best to apply email campaigns to your overall internet marketing strategy.

Why do you need professional assistance with your email marketing campaigns?

– Good email marketing campaigns allows you to automate an ongoing process of sales and marketing turning leads into customers and driving new sales to existing patrons.

– Bad email marketing can be a huge money pit resulting in tons of work with no reward.

– Ugly email marketing = SPAM! Noncompliance with the CAN-SPAM act can lead to disastrous results, costly fines, blacklist, etc…

Like we mentioned above, email marketing is a versatile, multipurpose tool and the most import first step is identifying where best to implement it into your total internet marketing strategy. Whether for lead generation, lead nurturing, auto responder, newsletters, email to text, customer surveys, direct or indirect sales, or remarketing we can help.

Trial and error is no way to proceed when it comes to integrating email into your overall online marketing stratagem. Similar to search engine optimization and pay per click management, measuring and tracking your campaigns effectiveness requires measuring its successfulness by comparison to an established baseline for return on investment (ROI). From list management to click through tracking and ROI analytics discover how our expertise will take your small business email marketing campaign to the next level.

We are currently accepting new clients for our email marketing consulting services and look forward to discussing how we can improve the response rate and marketing potential of your small businesses email marketing campaigns.


B2B SEO Authority with Powerful Story Branded Content

Often referred to as natural or organic traffic, search engine traffic is “free” traffic that you receive from search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. Being on the first page in the search engine listing typically brings a vast windfall to your business. When your website is displayed in the organic search listings you are not charged on a per click basis like in paid search. This is hugely beneficial! So you can see why so much emphasis is placed into obtaining and keeping your site listed on the first page in all of the main search engines.

Search engine optimization is where our experience will be invaluable to your business. Before paid search was even an option, we were optimizing pages to rake in the traffic of the webs earliest search engines. Sense then, search engine optimizing has continually evolved and we have been there, from the beginning, growing and adapting to the changes. Most importantly we know the “Do’s & Don’ts” of what it takes to get your site into those free first page listings.

Why do you need professional assistance with search engine optimization?

– Good SEO strategy will get your business hundreds, possibly thousands of new customers for pennies on the dollar compared to any other form of advertising media.

– Bad SEO strategy can get traffic to your website, but with little to NO results.

– Ugly SEO strategy can get your website banned permanently form all search engine result pages (SERPs).

There is a lot of work that goes into establishing and maintaining a position that produces results in the SERPs, here more than ever having a specific marketing strategy can make or break your efforts. Just like with PPC management, utilizing keywords with proven results is vital to your businesses internet marketing success.

At GKME Marketing and Consulting we take the guess work out of search engine optimization and build a comprehensive marketing strategy based on proven keywords and search phrases that will reach your target customer, not when they are kicking tires, but when they are funneling through the sales process.

Partnering with us for your search engine optimization campaigns will give you confidence in knowing that you have experience and expertise on your side. We don’t merely get traffic we target your customers, and provide a service that will have lasting benefits far beyond your initial investment.


Social Media Marketing That Drives B2B Results

B2B Social networking has really taken off over the years and is starting to develop into a genuine pillar of a well founded internet marketing strategy. Understanding what role each of the web 2.0 platforms can and will play in the future of your online presence is a great starting place. Significant aspects of social media marketing campaigns include their prevalent ability to become viral and practically self replicate among your target market as well as being an amazing platform for brand development.

Case in point, a popular discount airline who has really embraced social media regularly encourages everyone who visits their site to “Become a Fan” of their Facebook page. Recently, this airline ran a one day only airfare special on their Facebook page. Before the day was out their original subscribers had told their friends and so on. The response was so overwhelming that when the airline had unforeseen technical issues due to the tremendous response rate, they ended up overbooking many flights. Yes, it happens that fast in the world of viral marketing and social media.
Why do you need professional assistance with establishing your social networking presence?

Good social networking campaigns allow you to build a strong brand awareness and direct market to a very specific demographic.

Bad social networking can be incredibly time consuming with little to no reward.

Ugly social networking can lead to a pathetic overall web presence and potentially catastrophic brand development.

Social networking is the favored modern day method for word of mouth recommendations. People have a propensity to value the opinions of their friends and acquaintances. Add to that the huge potential for viral notability and niche demographic targeting though paid advertising, social networking plays an integral part in the overall success of today’s online marketing implementations.

There are many options for integrating social media into your small business marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to expand your customer base or aiming for viral success, we can help. Marketing by means of social networking can be as simple as establishing a web presence at Facebook or Google+ to establishing your own video channel on YouTube or running your own blog. We bring expertise and experience to all of these areas and are eager to help your business succeed.


Conversion Design And Presence For Unique Selling Proposition

Oftentimes your web site establishes the first impression a potential customer will get of your business. Creating a web site that not only represents your business, but that also is a critical part of the sales process is paramount to all of your future online advertising efforts. Unless you are in the gaming industry, simple having a snazzy looking flash animated site is not the best approach for most businesses.

Sure it’s important to have an appealing site but not at the expense of all of the other elements that go into establishing an effective online presence. Most business owners have spent countless hours and much toil over creating their website only to find that, once online, very few people even know it exist. If you are building a new site or ready to convert your existing website into an effective marketing tool, we can help. Our expertise is second to none in the industry.

Why do you need professional assistance with your web site design and functionality?

Good site design will turn your website into a virtual sales force that ranks great and pulls your target audience from the organic SERPs 24×7.

Bad site design, well imagine an electronic trampoline; people will bounce off of it before the page even finishes loading.

Ugly site design can get your website banned permanently form all SERPs.

We will thoroughly go over your site page by page and offer you keen insight as to what it will take to convert your site into the spearhead of your online marketing strategy. This process includes all of the on page optimization elements that you will need to have in order to start your climb to the top in organic search listings. Along with our best practices for utilizing your site as a crucial part of the sales funnel, we will make sure your site offers a user friendly experience.

Having a technically sound site that responds quickly and provides a truly amazing user experience will help in all areas of your online marketing strategy. Our site design service will assure that your site’s code is compliant and error free, that the layout is professional, scalable, search engine friendly and easy to navigate.

Most importantly we will assure that your site is effectively engaging your audience and delivering results.

Our Experience Raises the Standard

GKME B2B Marketing and Fractional CMO Consulting is a leading strategic B2B marketing agency with one focus: to help our clients expand their business through direct online marketing. Our strength is in our experience, our determination, and results driven business model. The experienced leadership and team at GKME will provide reliable and affordable online marketing expertise using a methodical approach.

Phase 1: Research / Discovery
We meet with you in person or over the phone and take time to get to know you, your company, goals, & challenges, as well as identify your target customer. After your free initial consultation we examine the marketplace, and perform an exhaustive analysis of your closes competitors marketing efforts. Most importantly we discover your customers’ online footprint, behavior patterns, and begin to determine what triggers will turn your visitors into customers.

Phase 2: Planning / Goal Setting
We agree on your business goals and determine an effective cost per acquisition and/or sale, lead, or call. We go over all of the details assuring complete transparency into the services we are going to provide for your company and exactly what our fees are. Finally we put together an all-inclusive plan designed to achieve your business goals and dominate your target market utilizing applicable advertising channels.

Phase 3: Implementation / Branding
Now all of the planning starts to pay off! We apply our resources and experience to implement your customized marketing plan. During this phase we are putting into place any site design modifications needed to support the sales funnel, search optimization, metrics, and user experience. We build out paid campaigns, design custom creative’s, and write ad copy. Our staff will also begin expanding your brand awareness via social media sites, acquiring relevant links, submitting press releases and article summaries, and synergizing online and offline campaigns. We hold to a thorough schedule of deliverables and begin to collect data.

Phase 4: Analytics / Optimization
Absolutely the most important aspect of our strategy is the detailed analytics we use to “dial-in” to success! Now that everything is setup and in full production we continually measure the results and adjust the campaigns to assure that your ROI goals are being achieved. This is where our expertise really starts to shine, by utilizing proprietary methods and applications that we have developed over the years, we are able to determine which efforts are producing results and what areas need to be adjusted. This process allows us to determine what campaigns works best, and then expand those discoveries to other platforms which has the potential of rapid and exponential growth for our clients.

We are currently accepting new clients. Contact us today to learn more about how GKME B2B performance marketing agency can benefit your business.


Your success is our goal. We know the only way we’ll succeed is for you, our customer, to meet your ROI goals, achieve your company objectives, and experience strong and sustainable growth through making use of our Internet marketing consultant services.


Free Initial Consultation
We will take time to get to understand you, your company, goals, & problems. After we have identified your own idea client and determine a highly effective baseline, then all of us will personalize an online marketing strategy that’s uniquely suitable for your company objectives.