B2B Performance Marketing

B2B Performance Marketing – How to Grow Your B2B Pipeline in 2024

B2B Performance Marketing


B2B Performance Marketing Sales Funnel

One of the concepts that ties most online marketing campaigns together is that of the Internet marketing sales funnel. An Internet marketing sales funnel essentially exists to bring targeted traffic to your website, filter out all but the most likely consumers and use a variety of methods to encourage them to do business with you. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but the end goal is the same, and it is to focus your marketing dollars as specifically as possible.


Targeted Traffic

The first and most important part of any Internet marketing sales funnel is to drive the most targeted audience possible to your website and business. There are several ways to do this, and the most common for B2B Performance Marketing are search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media marketing. Unlike classic advertising methods, Internet marketing can specifically target people who are searching for or interested in the products and services you offer.

For example, PPC ads show up only when people search for particular terms through search engines when the correct B2B PPC Management is deployed. On the other hand, billboard and radio advertising are seen and heard by enormous amounts of people, many of whom may have no interest in your products or services. Having specific audiences can help you focus your advertising and sales methods in far more successful ways.


Sort Out Likely Customers

Once targeted B2B performance marketing traffic arrives at your website, whether by paid search or natural SEO, the next stage of an Internet marketing sales funnel strategy begins. This involves both attempting a sale and producing an offer for people who are interested but not yet ready to commit. For instance, you want to be sure that you have visible options that people can click on to purchase something or add it to a shopping cart. If people have found something that they are ready to purchase, you want to make the process as direct and simple as possible.

However, there are a number of visitors who may be interested in purchasing your products and services, but are not ready to do so. This could be because they want to do more research, or they could be comparing your products to your competitors. Either way, you still want to be able to create a relationship with these people. This is where putting options for mailing lists to notify people about sales and related promotions come in. These should be offered alongside sales options so that you have a way of contacting interested consumers. Check with a GKME Fractional CMO for more details about establishing a robust B2B Performance Marketing ecosystem for long-term growth.


Methods of Driving Sales

People who arrive at your website and do not yet make a purchase are not a lost cause. When people sign up for a mailing list or request coupons, they are expressing interest in your business. Using the contact information gathered from your website and previous purchasers, you can contact people and offer sales information, let them know when products they are interested in are running low or let them know about new additions to your site. The final part of nurturing your B2B performance marketing using an adaptive Internet marketing sales funnel is to remind consumers about your site and their interest in your business, improving sales rates.


Local Marketing Online

If you are a small or local business, you may think that you do not need to deal with Internet advertising. While you may still do well with word of mouth and standard advertising options like print, radio and TV, businesses that do not develop an online presence are almost certainly losing customers and revenue. Studies show that more than half of Internet users are now searching for local businesses and services online, and that number is growing. Therefore, local marketing online using SEM consulting who specialize in B2B performance marketing is becoming an essential part of the success of small businesses.


Advantages of Local Marketing Online

The good news about online advertising is that it is very effective, has a high return on investment and it is often far less expensive that most classic advertising options. While you may be hesitant to get involved in something that seems incredibly complicated, there are a number of affordable services that are geared towards small and local businesses. Even if your business is currently doing well, you may discover that local marketing online provides a sizable boost in your business as more people are able to find you. B2B performance marketing has been so effective that many companies are now investing more money on B2B performance marketing than they are on classic advertising methods.


What You Need

You may be surprised to learn that you do not need an enormous website and huge Internet footprint to benefit from local marketing online. While large companies often invest in huge online storefronts and massive social media campaigns, it is not necessary for small and local businesses to do so as well. Your initial goal should simply be to make sure that people searching for local businesses and services are able to find you online. Since B2B performance marketing is easily scalable, you can always grow your marketing campaign when it suits your needs.


Types of B2B Performance Marketing

There are several types of Internet marketing, but the most popular and commonly used are search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads and social media marketing. Search engine optimization is a way of developing your website and creating content for it so that it pulls up at the top of search engine results. Since most people only look at the first page of search results, your website’s search engine ranking will determine if people are able to discover you on the Internet. PPC ads are a form of targeted B2B performance marketing that you only pay for when people click on your advertising link and visit your site. B2B Social media marketing is based on creating campaigns and marketing initiatives through sites like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube.


What to Look For

Rather than tackling Internet marketing for your small or local business on your own, the best option is to allow an B2B performance marketing consultant handle your campaigns for you. In addition to sparing you the time and frustration associated with researching and learning about a wide variety of Internet marketing rules and tricks, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience provided by these services. Local marketing online can help you grow your business with the help of experienced and professional marketing services.


Email marketing provides avenues to customers

You are just about ready to start your email marketing campaign, but you are nervous. You fear that this is an outdated model of marketing, and worry that customers may not be responsive to this new strategy. If this sounds like you, then you are not alone. Each year thousands of businesses attempt to do email marketing campaigns, and many of their leaders have the same fears that these campaigns will fail. Many of them actually do, but this fate is entirely avoidable. All that is required is that one has the dedication to make sure that their particular B2B performance marketing email campaign is not going to go down in flames.

Many reach out to a professional email marketing consultant to kick things off. This is actually a very good idea. There are numerous consultants who would be more than willing to take on your business, and they often do a wonderful job of getting this thing from the idea stage out to reality. Not only this, but many of these professional B2B performance marketing agencies also have money back guarantees if there is some reason why you are not pleased with the services that they provide. Thus, it is a risk free leap that you are taking when you work with them.

Marketing to potential customers through their email accounts is something that has taken a backseat to more recent methods such as social network marketing and the like. While all of the fanfare is on these methods, there is still plenty of money to be made in the email marketing game. People often do not realize that many individuals are still checking their email on a daily basis, they are just doing so in a different manner. Rather than sitting down at a computer and checking their email accounts, many are simply looking to their smartphones or other devices to help them get the information that they need on the go. Whatever the case may be, they are still checking those emails regularly. This means that while other companies are out pumping themselves up over the social networks, you can still capitalize on the fact that people are going to check their emails and gain something from the B2B performance marketing messages that you send them.

One of the reasons to turn to a professional SEM/SEO consulting agency for some help with your email accounts is because you want to make sure that you are creating emails that people are actually going to open and read. Believe it or not, there are studies that marketers have had done to find which emails are most likely to be opened and read. This has obvious benefits to those marketers, and that information is now widely known out in the marketplace. As such, B2B performance marketing consultants are going to be able to use this knowledge to help you to craft some messages for your customers.

It is fair to say that not everyone is going to take the same marketing route. There are some businesses where it would simply not make sense to use email accounts for marketing, but there are many more where it would. If you feel that your company could benefit from email marketing, you should contact a professional firm today.


B2B Performance Marketing Best Practices

It has become increasingly common for businesses to develop an online presence due to the inexpensive and targeted nature of Internet advertising. However, while for the last several years online marketing has been an option, it is now a necessity for businesses to do well. Currently, the majority of Internet users are searching for products and services online, often exclusively. This means that companies that are not online cannot connect with huge portions of their target markets.

The increasing need for B2B performance marketing has also lead to the increasing need for companies to use online marketing consultants. Advertising on the Internet is dramatically different from common methods used in classic print, radio and TV advertising. While B2B performance marketing online is usually less expensive and far more targeted, it requires research and ongoing attention to provide a solid return on investment.


B2B Performance Marketing Combining SEM/SEO

The most common forms of Internet advertising are search engine marketing (SEM) using pay-per-click (PPC) ads, most people use a B2B search engine optimization agency to get ranked. That’s because the majority of people use search engines to research and locate businesses and services, so it is important that companies show up at the top of search engine results to be visible to Internet users. An enterprise SEM consultant can help businesses optimize their websites for search engines using SEO and other winning B2B Marketing tactics, create effective keyword content and keep up with changes to search engine indexing and ranking methods. An SEM consultant can also help businesses determine which keywords to focus on and which ones that will provide the best and most targeted traffic.

An enterprise PPC management consultant can assist companies in creating effective PPC ad campaigns and developing landing pages that improve sales and conversion rates. Paid B2B performance marketing ads are only paid for when someone clicks on an ad and visits a website; however, if ads, keywords and landing pages are not properly targeted, these ads can get very expensive very quickly. The goal behind PPC ads is to encourage people who are most likely to purchase from a website to click on them, and figuring out the best ways to do so requires research and testing and deep knowledge provided by SEM consulting.

In addition to finding the best websites and keyword search results to place paid B2B performance marketing ads on, PPC management consultants can also help companies develop landing pages that get results. The most successful PPC campaigns lead visitors to a landing page that is targeted to the ad and is more aggressive about driving sales and conversions than a company’s main website. Studies have shown that keywords, layouts and the wording of calls to action all affect a landing page’s ability to succeed, and getting the most out of them requires both experience and experimentation.


While there is nothing stopping a company from developing its own SEO and PPC strategies and campaigns, they are not likely to provide stellar results or a solid return on investment without an experienced hand guiding them. For more information about getting the most out of online advertising, submit your online request for a FREE B2B performance marketing consultation.


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