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B2B PPC Management for AdWords Marketing

One of the largest advantages of using Google’s AdWords marketing system is that it helps people ensure that they are putting together pay-per-click ad campaigns that are likely to succeed. Their system employs a quality score that determines the pricing, placement and likely success of each ad campaign. The higher the quality score for an Adwords Marketing campaign, the better the placement and the lower the ad cost. This allows evenB2B PPC management novices to use their system to create ad campaigns that will increase their website’s conversion rates. Adwords B2B PPC Management is a very involved process requiring professional online marketing consultant knowhow.


Ad and Keyword Matching

Before setting up a single Adwords B2B PPC management campaign it’s paramount to make sure that you have selected keywords that work for your business. Not only do you need relevant keywords but keywords that convert. One of the best ways to get this initial list is to parallel your SEO consulting efforts. Next consider your AdWords marketing quality score and how you match keywords to your ads. Better keyword and ad matches lead to higher click-through rates (CTR) for your ad and higher quality scores. Your keyword matching will determine your quality score based on your expected CTR and your actual CTR.

AdWords bases your expected CTR on extensive data and an immense algorithm that constantly monitors B2B PPC ad campaigns, which is why you’re expected CTR is a solid indicator of how well your ad is likely to do. Good B2B PPC management begins by adjusting your keywords and ad matching to improve your expected CTR, you are easily able to determine the best combinations for a successful ad campaign.


Keyword and Landing Page Matching

In addition to scoring how well your ads and keywords match, your AdWords marketing quality score is also determined by how well your ads’ keywords and landing pages match. To ensure the best quality score, you should have a specific landing page for each of your ads. This particular B2B PPC management tweak not only ensures a high quality score, but it can also dramatically improve your conversion rate. When people click on an ad they see after doing a keyword search, they are expecting to find helpful information instantly.

However, if your ads are redirecting people to your main page, which is not likely to be the case, and people will leave almost immediately. Since you pay for every time someone clicks on an ad, you want to be sure that each click has a solid chance of increasing your conversion rate, this is one area where professional B2B PPC management consulting comes in to play. By matching your landing page content to your ad’s keywords, you can ensure that people are likely to find what they are looking for on your landing page, improving your ad’s effectiveness and your quality score.


Testing Ads and Landing Pages

It is important to note that while your AdWords quality scores are a great indicator of success, they do not guarantee it. This is why it is important to monitor the success of each of your B2B PPC management ads and test them before fully launching them. Further, you can easily create an ad with a great quality score and high CTR that does not improve your conversion rate. Therefore, you should be sure to cap how much you spend on an ad and see how it performs before spending large amounts of money on it. This can help you discover any landing page or keyword matching issues with your AdWords marketing campaign before it eats through your advertising budget.


Adwords Top Ten Strategies for Success

Advertising on Google’s Adwords can most readily be referred to as operating in a hostile environment. Despite the fact that the internet search engine giant makes a few billion dollars annually with this “little” paid search business of theirs, they do not really jump through hoops to make it easy for you, the B2B PPC management consultants, to use Adwords. In Google’s defense, they attempt to balance two customer bases that cannot exist without one another. On the one side, you will find the searchers (consumers.) They desire good information, relevant organic and paid search results, fast answers, and quality content, with no (so called) spam.

Alternatively, you will find B2B search engine optimization agency. They need traffic, all they are able to get, as cheaply as they can possibly get it. Additionally, there are some “bad apples” that try and get away with underhanded practices and get-rich-quick schemes. They are those who Google may be the most concerned with. The thing is, that the measures Google puts into play to safeguard itself and its searchers from nefarious B2B PPC management advertisers is exactly what makes it burdensome for well-intentioned B2B PPC management advertisers such as your and I from making Adwords beneficial

Adwords can be quite a very profitable spot to invest your advertising budget. The important thing would be to understand the (sometimes unwritten) rules, caveat, and tricks to use so that Google remains happy. If Google is happy, your cost per click will undoubtedly be decreasing, as that occurs your quality of traffic will be increasing. Another added benefit is that making Google happy will, generally speaking, bring about better profitability for your B2B PPC management efforts.

Google is happiest as soon as your ad receives a higher CTR (click through rate, measures how many individuals are clicking your ad), and if the individuals who click your adverts are pleased with the info they see in your website. This makes Google the absolute most money per visitor, and really should work exactly the same for your B2B PPC management style. One way Google measures how “happy” folks are with the internet sites they visit by how quickly they hit their browsers back button, known as “bounce” rate.


Listed below are powerful B2B marketing tactics to improve your Adwords campaigns.


  1. Keywords

  2. Have you got enough of these?
    B2B PPC management always, always, starts with keyword selection. If you do not have at the least 500 – 1000 key words in your ad campaigns (and I do not care what niche you’re in), I will guarantee that you are leaving profitable keywords up for grabs. Use one of the many keyword development tools like Wordtracker or the Google keyword tool to expand your list. Whenever you plug in your “root” term (usually the most general term or phrase that describes your product or market), you will end up astonished at the alternatives that come up. These tools will start you thinking laterally about keywords and assist in list development.
    Remember to test plural versions of existing key words.

    Try to find combination multipliers like cities and states… for instance, rather than the root keyword of “search engine optimization”, use that alongside each state, after which add each state alongside “search engine optimization” an such like. By brainstorming with friends and colleagues and over some of these ideas, you will have thousands of key words in an exceedingly short time frame. Remember that once you have discovered keywords that work for your B2B PPC management, apply them to your SEO campaigns too and visa versa.

  3. Correct Usage of Match Types
  4. You will find three match types in Google; broad, phrase, and exact. Have a look at Google’s Adword’s help documents for a discussion about how precisely each one of these works. Most folks who are just getting started with Adwords will make the following B2B PPC management mistake. They only bid on the broad match. That’s, putting the keyword or phrase on its own without any quotes or brackets around it.

    In reality, Google suggest to begin by only using this match type. That isn’t always sound advice. I suggest bidding on all three match types (this tip can effortlessly triple your keyword list). There is certainly very little means of determining which match type could be the best for you personally. You need to test out all of them, track then adjust appropriately.

  5. Keyword Grouping
  6. Most B2B PPC management consultants begin with one ad group and cram hundreds or more key phrases into it. This will not make Google very happy. They instantly think that you cannot possible write relevant advertisements for all key words, have relevant landing pages, and so on. So, they tend to provide you with a minimal quality score as well as your clicks will undoubtedly be very costly, that is if you’re able to even get your adverts running.

    The important thing is always to make tightly focused adgroups. The way in which most B2B PPC management consultants get it done is by way of a “theme”. Broadly speaking, if most of the key words or phrases within an adgroup could be served by one highly targeted ad and splash page, they should be considered as belonging to a relevant grouping. However, my suggestion is always to have one adgroup for every single keyword (include all three match types, so every adgroup eventually ends up having three key words or phrases). This can be a large amount of work, but you will find tools online that will help. Google’s own Adwords Editor is free and certainly will help a great deal.

  7. Landing Pages
  8. You will need to have targeted landing pages for every customer “conversation” that is would specifically relate to their search term. For example, if you are attempting to capture leads from individuals who are trying to sell their house in Dallas Fort Worth, send them to the page that discusses why they ought to use your agency to be their listing broker. If you are capturing leads from people considering relocating to Dallas Fort Worth, send them to a typical page that covers your expertise in handling relocations and helping people buy houses.

    All too often, B2B PPC management consultants capture completely different types of leads and just send them to their homepage. This doesn’t make create a very good user experience, as they wish to obtain answers for their questions and issues, and prefer not having to make an effort to navigate your web site to locate the info. They truly are dissatisfied, so they’ll hit their browsers back button in under five seconds. This increased bounce rate will not make Google happy, you’ve lost a sale, and Google may possibly penalize you with higher click charges.

  9. Writing Your Ads
  10. This might be an entire article alone. Common mistakes to prevent:
    You have to make an effort to repeat the keyword or phrase in the ad (this is the reason why keyword grouping is essential). Google makes the assumption that should you repeat what the consumer entered, your ad is most probably relevant. They are going to reward this with lower bid prices.

    Do not carry on a thought or sentence from one line to another. Very few B2B PPC management novice actually read the complete advertisement they simple skim them and click when their eyes are drawn to something.

    Capitalize the initial letter of each and every word. This really is scientifically demonstrated to increase clicks. Why? I actually do not quite know or care and you shouldn’t either… it merely works!
    Make use of the display URL efficiently, particularly if it has got the keyword inside. For instance, Avoid using www.partcmo.com alternatively use PartCMO.com. It ought to be obvious what type draws a person’s eye more.

  11. Split Testing
  12. Whenever you create an adgroup, always write two different responsive ad variants. You need to then monitor them to see which is performing better for effective B2B PPC management. It is possible to literally boost your clicks three times or maybe more as a result of A/B testing. No matter what you change and/or make different in your adverts. Just change something and always ensure that you monitor the results.

    When one ad proves to outperform all of the rest (search the internet for split test calculators to obtain the statistical answer), eliminate the underperforming adverts and straight away write yet another new ad in an attempt to beat the one which averaged the very best click through rate. Remember great B2B PPC management consultant is about continually testing and adjusting to an every changing and competitive online landscape.

  13. Content Network
  14. I would recommend turning the Google content network off initially, after which taking the terms and phrases which have proven profitable for you personally and starting another campaign that only advertises on the Google content network.

    Should you choose both networks in a single campaign, it may be tough to efficiently track the performance of one’s keywords’ and ads’ as well as your ROI.

  15. Geographic And Schedule Targeting
  16. If it seems sensible for your market, take advantage both.

    Within our real-estate example in Dallas Fort Worth, you’d want to run two different campaigns for paid search to get listings locally. People who are searching on “Sell house Dallas Fort Worth” but perhaps not looking geography, and folks searching on the more general phrase “sell house”… targeting only the individuals geographically in Dallas Fort Worth.

    Examine all of the metrics for utilizing the scheduling feature. You will find campaigns, as an example, which are only really profitable on the weekends. If by using B2B PPC management best practices, you’re able to determine that, then clearly it’s wise to only run your adverts then.

  17. Conversion Tracking
  18. Should you choose to do nothing else, do this, track conversions!

    If you do not understand exactly what you are getting for your advertising dollar, how will you make good B2B PPC management decisions? If you are attempting to sell an item on the web, the easiest method is to utilize Google’s own conversion tracking code. It’s a simple little bit of code that you or your web page designer can add to your confirmation page that tells Google, that because of this keyword or phrase, a sale was made. Based on the tracking information, you will be able to match the advertising monies allocated to each keyword, and determine your return on investment.

    You will find alternative methods for conversion tracking, and it’s really much more difficult to complete if you are not ending a transaction with a confirmation page; however, it’s definitely mandatory for success. Try searching on conversion tracking for more information or contact GKME B2B PPC management consultants for more depth.

  19. Bid Adjustments
  20. All key words aren’t created equally. You need to test your spend as well as your conversions for every single keyword and adjust the bid (individually) for each and every one of them.

    Bonus Tip – Learn the Adwords editor… and put it to use.


AdWords Help Best Practices

Google AdWords is one of the easiest ways to get a lot of traffic to your site and it can be easy to set up too, but a lot of marketers need professional AdWords help from an Internet marketing consultant specialized in B2B PPC management consulting as well as being a proficient B2B search engine optimization agency. It’s a CPC based advertising model that lets you place ads right next to Google’s search results. If you need some Google AdWords help, read the tips below.


Account and Campaign Organization

The most important thing to do right when setting up an account is to make sure the campaigns and adgroups are well organized and this is where most businesses need AdWords help. There are several approaches a B2B PPC management consultant can take, but the goal is to make an account that is easy to manage and that helps target the right ads to keywords. The simplest approach is one that is used by most marketers and it involves centering your campaign structure around keyword topics. Another approach is organizing your account based on products or sales pages, this is the approach that some ecommerce stores take.


B2B PPC Management Using AdWords Editor

Using the online account management interface can get the job done for most marketers, but sometimes you need something better. AdWords Editor is a free downloadable program that lets you make changes to your entire account from one screen. You can update all of your ads, keywords, or campaigns with the click of a button and then upload them to your account. Editor also gives you some AdWords help by letting you import and export campaigns easily.


B2B PPC Management for Multiple Ads

It’s vital that each adgroup have multiple ads running at any given time. This means you’re always testing and working on running an ad with a higher click-through rate. Higher click-through rates means lower advertising costs and more traffic.


Keyword Insertion

Dynamic insertion of the keyword is a powerful tool that lets you increase the relevancy of both your ads and your landing pages. It allows you to insert the keyword that the searcher used to search into your advertisement. This can dramatically improve your CTR, again lowering your ad costs and increasing your traffic. Your B2B PPC management consultant can also pass the keyword on to your landing page with URL keyword insertion. Doing this lets you insert the keyword into the headlines and content on your landing page which can help with conversion.


Conversion Tracking

The whole point of advertising on Google AdWords is to get people to do something on your website. Implement conversion tracking and take your testing and optimization to another level.


Content Network

There are two networks where you can buy ads with AdWords. The one that most B2B PPC management consultants are familiar with is the search network. Search network ads show up on the Google search engine and can also show up on Google’s search partner websites, but that is optional. The content network is comprised of websites that are independent of Google. These ads can perform very differently than ads on the search network both in terms of CTR and conversion rate, so testing and tracking your content network traffic separately is very important.

Hopefully these tips can give you the AdWords help you need to make your marketing programs the best they can be.

The Microsoft Advertising adCenter has been renamed Bing Ads. Additionally, Microsoft has released changes to improve the paid search engine experience. This concerted effort to upgrade Bingads marketing helps users to better manage and optimize their ad campaigns.

Microsoft has also taken steps to reduce the confusion consumers currently have about the difference between Yahoo and Bing by creating a new name: the Yahoo! Bing network. This new name describes how partner sites are combining their search marketplaces. The purpose of these name changes is to assist consumers understand the cooperative efforts between Microsoft and Yahoo. Together, the search engine giants bring B2B PPC management consultants a broader range of options to engage audiences. The new efforts provide e-commerce websites alternatives to traditional SEO marketing as well as improved ways to increase their website traffic and improve their sales. Check out our guide on B2B social media marketing for additional B2B PPC management options using paid social advertising platforms.

Incidentally, Bing will be the default search engine of Kindle fire.


Bingads Marketing: New Look and Feel

All things considered, these changes reflect a focused rebranding effort rather than a dramatic departure from the way the Microsoft Advertising adCenter was structured.

Here are the similarities and differences between bingads marketing and Microsoft’s former advertising platform.

• The Log In page resembles Bing’s search page—a background image of a big landscape.

• The functionality of the desktop tool and the functionality of the online interface remain the same.

• The ads now have ad rotation capabilities.

• The ads now have URL by Match Type features.


How The Desktop Tool Improves Bingads Marketing

The most user-friendly elements of Bing ads is the desktop tool known as Bing Ads Editor, which can be downloaded free. The desktop is both simple and intuitive and improves online marketing campaigns. It improves campaigns by saving time and by enhancing your B2B Performance Marketing efforts.

Here are some of the ways Bing Ads Editor is a more robust upgrade of the previous desktop tool:

• It is easier to work faster because your campaigns and accounts are synchronized. This means that you can make B2B PPC management changes off-line before uploading your revised ads with a single click.

• It is easier to edit ads directly, as well as ad groups and keywords. Another feature that makes it easier to use, it is that it looks like Microsoft Office user interface. This sense of familiarity makes it much more intuitive for new users.

• It is easier to create campaigns with the help of a Wizard. The process of creating or importing campaigns is as simple as following a step-by-step instructional process. This improved functionality offers numerous advantages: defining ad groups, creating text ads, selecting keywords, and looking over your final ad version. It is also easy to import account data residing on other search engines into the desktop tool for quick B2B PPC management.

• It is easier to adjust campaigns based on performance alerts. These automatic alerts notify users about performance changes to keywords, ad groups, and budgets.

• It is easier to create much more effective campaigns from improved keyword research. When you keywords are discovered, they can be added to the user’s account.

Overall, Bingads marketing represents an improved way to create effective online advertising campaigns than what Microsoft previously offered. For more information about getting the most out of online advertising with a professional Bingads marketing consultant, submit your online request for a FREE B2B PPC management consultation, or call.


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